Cremation Memorials

After someone has been cremated there are a range of ways they can be memorialised within Great Southern Memorial Park, a beautiful, secure and peaceful environment where cremated remains can be placed forever.

Sovereign Gardens

Sovereign Gardens at Great Southern Memorial Park offers a range of cremation options for memorialising your loved one's ashes.


Karella Gardens

Karella Gardens is a formal garden area offering a unique space to memorialise your loved one.


Memorial Star Gardens

The Memorial Star children’s and infant’s garden is a tranquil place of remembrance. With a baby only cemetery and an infants and children’s memorial garden, this is a peaceful setting located in a quiet corner, adjacent to our lake.

As you enter the star jasmine covered walkway your eye is immediately attracted to the angel, which looks over your child. With beautifully landscaped surroundings, this baby cemetery is a comforting place to reflect.


Camellia Court

For both polished and rustic cut granite memorial options with rustic and niche themes, our Camellia Court offers tributes to suit your needs to memorialise your loved ones.


Lake of Reflection

Lake of Reflection at Great Southern Memorial Park offers cremation memorial options that incorporate natural materials such as rocks and shrubs, next to our tranquil water feature.


The Sanctuary

The memorials options at the Sanctuary, they feature natural rock and granite gardens. Our Bridge of Rememberance also offers a peaceful memorial on a beautiful wooden bridge across the Sanctuary.


Scattering ashes

Scattering the ashes of a loved one has become very popular in Australia. However, choosing the right location is important as a lasting memory in the future. Very often people choose to scatter ashes in a location that was special to their loved one, but over time such places may change or even be built upon, changing the location and with it the memory.

Creating a memorial in a special place helps keep the memory alive beyond the funeral service. Memorials give families and friends a tangible source of comfort, and are an everlasting place to come and remember your loved one. In a memorial park, ashes can be placed without fear of the location changing.



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