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Memorial Star Garden & Cemetery

A picture from the Memorial Star Infants and Childrens garden

The Memorial Star children’s and infant’s garden is a tranquil place of remembrance. With a baby only cemetery and an infants and children’s memorial garden, this is a peaceful setting located in a quiet corner, adjacent to our lake.

Memorial Star Cemetery

As you enter the star jasmine covered walkway your eye is immediately attracted to the angel, which looks over your child. With beautifully landscaped surroundings, this baby cemetery is a comforting place to reflect.

Infants and Children's Memorial Garden

The memorial scattering garden is situated in the manicured garden bed opposite the infants’ cemetery.

You can include a plaque in this area in remembrance of your child, and choose to place the plaque in one of three themed areas – Cherub Corner, Teddies Park or Fairy Forest – each representing significant symbols of childhood.

We make a donation to a children’s charity of our choice for each plaque clients ask us to place in the memorial garden.

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