Great Southern Memorial Park is a proud member of InvoCare, a global company operating funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria. InvoCare believes in people who are passionate about helping others at a pivotal time in their lives.

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Family Service Advisors

Our team of Family Service Advisors are respectful, caring, and thoughtful in all their dealings with memorial arrangements. Their guidance, professionalism and high standards will make the final farewell of your loved one a positive and memorable experience for your family.

Family Service staff will carefully explain the available options, make recommendations on request, take care of all the small details, and ensure that each family’s personal touch is always present.

We pride ourselves on being a team that provides a facility where people feel like we are part of their extended family and that they have entrusted their loved ones into our care.

Great Southern Memorial Park is a place where families feel comfortable enough to come in and have a chat, talk to our grounds staff on their visit to the park, and enjoy their time in what to them is a very special location.

A 'Hello' from the grounds staff

"We love doing the job together; completing projects, swapping ideas and seeing the finished project all come together.

We consider it a priority to ensure our gardens are kept to a high standard so families and visitors know we respect their memorial choices and that we are honoured to be entrusted with their loved ones. And we’re as much part of that feeling, for some of us have family memorialised here as well.

We love spring for all its colour, and during summer we have the most visitors; if you’re a regular then chances are we’re on a first name basis already. For those who visit less regularly, we can always be counted on for directions to a memorial site or other information.

Yet winter is the time we love the best. After all the buzz of spring and summer, winter is a time for us to catch up on jobs; finishing off the new developments and attending to all areas of the grounds.

We’re really proud of the new entrance way we’ve completed; getting all the new seedlings in and the way the place looks after a fresh mow and weeding. We also assist with the placement of ashes after a cremation; and if you need some pebbles replaced, or there’s a plant that requires some attention, let us know and we’ll attend to that too.

We look forward to seeing you around the grounds of Great Southern Memorial Park."